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  • Professor: School of Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
  • Director: Center for Community Technologies (CCT) Speaker 1
  • Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
  • Port Elizabeth, South Africa
  • cct.nmmu.ac.za


Darelle is a Professor in the School of ICT and the Director of the Center for Community Technologies at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

The social activist and award winning researcher, has a multidisciplinary background, combining computer science, information systems, African languages, education,

media studies and psychology. She holds a number of degrees with her PhD being in Computer Science. Her research focuses on using technology as an enabler in society but with a strong focus on how humans interact with technology. Her research is combined with real-life interventions in different communities of Africa.

She is best known for her passion to transform low income communities through the use of technology as an enabler and catalyst to respond to social issues.


Mobile Technologies re-invent Healthcare in rural Africa


The mobile phone combined with the Internet is changing that in ways that we can only begin to appreciate.
In Africa there is a need for thousands of public health officials to have a deeper understanding of priorities, successes, problems and the future path of public health. For the purpose of public health data collection and analysis and reporting, we aim to change that by using mobiles as the computers they truly are. This will allow for mobile data collection, wireless data transfer, immediate analysis and reporting. Improving patient care, health systems and the health of populations is the key to better societies and advancing as a human race. I believe that through Innovation, Collaboration and Technology, we can overcome the significant healthcare challenges in Africa. Health workers are the most important agents in the public healthcare system. By empowering them through information access and support, we will ultimately assist to have people live a long and healthy health.

On the African continent, we set out to push the limits of mobile technology to deliver a high quality, yet lower-cost, intelligent and affordable solution that can be used by all levels of healthcare professionals. Using mobile technology, we aim to pro-actively reduce the gap and delay between education, diagnosis and intervention. In this talk, I will highlight some of the existing innovations in use in Africa and focus the attention on what we have done as Africans, for Africa in Africa.

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